Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rivalries - Never Miss Anything

Late summer sky.
Your blue eyes.
The ocean, I'm drowning.
Your eyes like oceans,
I'm drowning here.
Blue eyes like oceans,
I'm drowning here.
Flesh on flesh.
I'll consider it.
I need this concrete beneath my feet.
No memories can compare to these.
Fuck this city,
fuck this sunset.
Where's morning?
I need you back.
Hand and hand.
Heart and heart
This song is so good. It has everything that a good screamo song needs. Nice, two stringed, melodic intro, then dual guitars and super good vocal, and all those criterias of success follows, including only partial singing of the lyrics. You should take a listen to it, it's so great. I love Rivalries.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mio - gegen deine welt + wer nicht auf die uhr schaut + traumwelt

mein herz schlägt gegen deine welt

jeder schritt
fort von hier
ist einer
in die richtige

kein schritt

alles was du fühlen kannst
ist nur eine illusion

deine welt
nur ein traum

eine lüge
keine wahrheit
deine hoffnung

These are my three favorite Mio lyrics. The songs are brilliant, both on record and live. Traumwelt is super awesome, i've been writing lyrics like this for some while, but not as good. It's pretty self-explanatory. Gegen Deine Welt is singledhandedly the best german lyrics, ever, and Wer nicht auf die uhr schaut is the best german song ever! It's about complacency, that people that are sufficient with themselves doesn't get shit done. ps. i love you mio.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Hated - Words Come Back

everyone says that they're better
everyone says that they're strong
everyone tries to intimidate
they're probably right all along

but they're all fighting
putting us down
tattoos on motorcycles
don't want us in their town

so many times that i've been told
to change for the sake of blind hellos
one thing i learned in
all of these lies
all of these days
all of these cries

words come back
words come back
words come back to you
they come back to you
words come back
and haunt you someday

--inaudible phrase
you'll see our name
you'll never escape it
it's your name

Its past a month since last post. my oh my. I've been a bit busy, this lyric is a bit self explanatory, but i had to share it, it's SO awesome.

Monday, September 7, 2009

1905 - Voice

A voice is heard.
The sound draws you to yourself above the clatter of a world so cold.
From every direction, every other voice,
we're told what to think and what to believe.
Why do you leave my mind alone?
I can see what you're doing, no i'm not that naive.
Don't abuse my mind just 'cause you've ruined your own.
I wont let emptiness fill my heart.
A scream, a voice has strength that shatters lies.
A truth so simple, so often overlooked.
And when it is we way how we feel,
it is our voice that gives us strength that fills our hearts.
Listen to your voice.

This song is cool. 1905 are widely viewed as an emo/screamo band, but they are just as much an anarcho-punk band. I think these lyrics are about resisting against the thoughts that the government and its leaders are dictating to you, and that a free mind is stronger and will overcome the pressure.
Have fun, i love ya.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Hate Myself - Kind of a long way down

Crawled out the window on the fourteenth floor.
Said, "i don't know," then didn't say anymore.
She used the window instead of the door.
Now I'm alone up on the fourteenth floor.
But I'm not high. I'm not high.
She said good-bye, and i don't know why.

Long time, no post.
This piece of lyrics is nice, to be honest, i always get a smile on when i hear the song. Nothing funny in a tragic story, right, but its the way the story is told, that brings up the cheer. The way Marburger with a frail voice sings "She used the window instead of the door." like she's just going out for a while, being ignorant or just not realizing the true event, is quite cute. Take care guys 'n gals.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dag Nasty - All Ages Show

I understand you
you've got a problem
now understand me
it's your problem not mine
to find a reason, don't ask me
don't ask (anyone) for a reason to live your life
shake your head, left and right
like the old man who shows up here every night
what does he hear in this kind of music?
why don't you ask him?
find out what you need to know
all ages show
you haven't lived all there is to live
how old is old?
how old is old?
all ages show
I get the feeling that I've heard all this before
I spoke your words, I felt your feelings
but when I reached a dead end, I knew there was more
I guess I'm just too young to see it
but I've shorn* up some people
a little bit older
and they say the problems keep coming
but reasons to keep on trying keep growing
and they grow and they grow and they grow
all ages show

So, this lyric has been plastered in my head like post-it notes for quite some time now. Delicate, right? The lyrics, of course. This song is of course about age and music (and or culture). At first glance you might think that its actually targeted against older people. Well it is. But it might look like a getupcall to the older generations to still be active, yet i think, its about the problems about growing up, not understanding how it is going to be and all the problems commonly linked to the early years of ones life, and by that, i think its a getupcall for the youth (and youngest) to live their life to the fullest, and dont give a flying fuck about age.

TL;DR: Age discrimination sucks and age doesn't mean shit.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saetia - The Burden Of Reflecting

lost gray pictures of my past stain greener pastures of my future
rememberance and recognition forces me to reconsider
I am seeking to regress and recreating what I've found
a new beginning torn away
I'm spiraling spiraling down
empty hands on the ends of these reaching arms need the touch of something real
year by year we seperate further
we are forgetting how to feel
for at the end of this long rope I hang in wait of fading echos
uncertainty haunts my everything
I look into tomorrow and I see nothing...
so tell me how it feels to be me
I've lost so much I cannot recall my identity
I would die for yesterday not caring where I need to go
reshape relationships back into what I used to know
tomorrow is so far and I no longer want to find a replacement for all these pictures that are lost in my mind

Yeah, i know it, i'm über cool for posting lyrics from a _totally_ unknown screamo band, (sarcasm included), but i just stumbled upon the lyrics again, and i thought i wanted to share it with you guys, in case you haven't heard it. (what's the probability?) Anyways, cheers, and have fun!